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"The best way to prepare for life is to begin to live." -Elbert Hubbard

Seasons of Hope offers counseling for adults, children, teenagers and families. It is located conveniently on the Palmer Wasilla Highway between Palmer and Wasilla in the Matanuska Valley. Seasons of Hope is run by Laina Winters, a practicing Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 20 plus years of counseling with children, individuals, couples and families.

Laina is also the owner of Changing Seasons Counseling, INC a counseling service that provides online counseling in the state of Oregon and Alaska. Online counseling allows adults to participate in confidential counseling via internet or telephone. Online counseling also allows the person to attended counseling from their own location, which allows for a convenient way to seek support.

In working with others, Laina's approach is holistic and client centered. The holistic approach allows a deep exploration of psychological, physiological, relational and spiritual aspects of your life. To be client centered Laina views each individual from strength based orientation and incorporates hope, encouragement, insight and guidance into each interaction. She believes the counseling process is meant to be a journey of hope.